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Our MAIN PRODUCTS   Quality Control Policy
Quality Assurance begins at the raw material stage itself. Material is inspected for chemical composition and tested for other parameters like mechanical properties, gauge variation etc. For a total evaluation of raw material to ascertain its suitability for the intended end use of applications. At surface-pickling operations, the material is checked for surface finish before it is fed into the tube mills. At the tube mills, each product for the customer is processed according to the norms sequenced by the process control engineers based on stringent international standards and monitored through uncompromising quality control tests at every stage.

Quality Assurance at the tube mills and draw bench is carried out through both destructive and non-destructive tests for weld integrity. Such as coneest, flattening tests and crushing tests on-line and off-line. All safety requirements are adhered to before packing and dispatch.

Other mechanical testing for tensile strength, yield strengths and hardness are conducted as part of the process sequence in line with the customer’s specifications. These include dimensional and visuals checks for thickness, outside diameter, inside diameter, ovality, fin height, surface finish and other material defects. After certification the products are dispatched. Wherever required, work test certificate is furnished. Futher inspections by third party like Lloyds, Rites, Bureau Veritas, TPL, or customer’s own inspection are provided for, if required by the customer.


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